Inventory Labels

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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You've already bought your tagging gun when you realize you have no price or inventory labels. You now have to go all the way back across town to the store and pick up the remainder of your order, which is going to be rather inconvenient at rush hour. So save yourself the headache and do all your business' Point of Sale shopping online at your one-stop office supply site.

Get your inventory tags, cash register ribbons, and other pricing equipment with just a few mouse clicks. When you consolidate your order, not only do you make shopping quicker and easier, but you save money--and more than just a few pennies on the dollar. Take 20, 30, or 40% off from your average retailer's price by buying straight from an online wholesaler and avoiding pricey middlemen altogether.

You Know You Need Inventory Labels

So you might as well save. Your other option is to do some guesswork and keep a mental tab of your payables, your receivables, and your overall inventory. More times than not, this leads to fuzzy accounting, disorganization, and more bad business decisions--not what you want in a highly competitive marketplace.

Your inventory labels let you know instantaneously what you have and what you've sold. Armed with a dependable pricing gun and a few other POS supplies, you can put your goods out with confidence and later check to make sure your ledger is balanced. You can always try to "guestimate" your company's sales landscape, but the consequences may well be dire if you're wrong. Is that a chance you can afford to take?

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