Inventory Management Systems

Written by Rylee Newton
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My husband and I own a chain of shoe stores in local malls throughout Miami, and we recently discovered the joy of inventory management systems. Before we found this simple POS software, we spent month after month sorting though our sales records, trying to figure out where the losses were coming from. At one point, we even considered closing some of our stores. Fortunately, this software allowed us to keep the business small, and under control.

Inventory management systems will help you get your business under control. My husband and I would get so busy with the day-to-day operations of our stores that we never realized how many products we kept around way past their peak sales point. This is an important consideration when you're working in the fashion industry. The right apparel software and inventory control POS system really can keep you abreast changes in the consumer culture.

Reducing Losses with the Right Inventory Management Systems

When we installed our inventory management systems, we noticed a difference in the overall operations of our stores. We managed to create a simple inventory control system that made ordering products much more efficient. We also found it easier than ever to transfer inventory from store to store without losing track of it.

For a minor investment our stores have seen a remarkable improvement in organization, and losses from dead inventory have decreased considerably. As part of our POS package, we also purchased a simple scanning device that takes the guesswork out of entering product codes and bar codes for individual products. Some software even allows you to download product catalogues into your inventory management software for easy ordering.

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