Mag Stripe Readers

Written by Rylee Newton
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Mag stripe readers are devices that are used by retailers to process credit cards and debit cards. These devices add functionality to your POS solution, and are considered a necessity by many of today's business owners. When you allow your customers to choose from a variety of different payment options, you will be rewarded with additional sales and repeat business.

Debit cards have all but replaced personal checks as the preferred payment option for many customers. Mag stripe readers pay for themselves in increased sales in no time at all. These POS peripheral devices cut back on human error, and increase overall transaction efficiency. Rather than entering the card account number and expiration date into a computer, your employees simply swipe the card, and return it to your customers.

Increase Efficiency with Mag Stripe Readers

Mag stripe readers are normally attached to your keyboard, but some readers are built into the keyboard itself. They are connected to a server or directly to a serial port. These devices read information from the back of credit and debit cards, and check available balances with banks and other financial institutions. These devices also help cut back on card theft, as lost or stolen cards will come up back with negative readings. As an added security measure, it's always a good idea to check for matching photo identification to further protect your customers from card theft.

If you own or manage a retail business you know how important it is to make the experience as pleasant as possible for your customers. These devices speed up transaction rates, cut back on theft, and reduce the incidence of human error.

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