Monarch Label Gun

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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A Monarch label gun is effective and durable, with a lightweight ergonomic design. Its swing-away cover lets you easily install your refill rolls so you can keep on working. With one-, two-, and three-line labeling options, a Monarch lets you tag your merchandise however you choose.

There are nearly a dozen different Monarch models available, all with similar loading and printing options. Use your Monarch to label sale items or in-store specials. When you combine the gun's eye-catching bold font with brightly colored retail stickers, you can rest assured that your customers will find everything they're looking for.

Other Advantages of Your Monarch Label Gun

The entire Monarch line is known for its excellence performance, but did you know that the guns are also designed for comfort? The Monarch label gun's ergonomic design features a comfortable grip and smooth operation so that you can tag all your inventory in comfort. If you've got hundreds of boxes worth of goods to get out on your shelves, you'll be thankful for every design benefit you can get.

You can always buy one or two guns at an office store and pay the full retail price, which can be anywhere from $50-$300. Or you can include your price guns with your other POS needs and get substantial discounts, not just on your tag guns but on all your supplies. Once you find a good online wholesaler you'll never go back to the office store again.

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