Ncr Paper

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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NCR paper lets both you and your customer retain a record of your transaction by making multiple copies of your receipt. NCR is just like carbon paper, only without carbon--hence the name "No Carbon Required." For duplicate and triplicate copies of every purchase in your store, there's no better method than NCR paper.

Maybe you need to give your accountant a record of all your transactions, but you don't want to part with the original bill. And of course your customers depend on their receipt for their own records, so you've got to give them a copy as well. NCR paper lets you easily produce all three versions simultaneously with no hassle. Simply write up your receipt as you normally would, then separate the bottom two copies and you're all set.

The Advantages of NCR Paper

NCR paper is easier to use than standard carbon paper, and is better for the environment as well. NCR paper has a special coating that makes it hyper-sensitive to pressure so that you can create your extra copies with ordinary everyday handwriting--no bearing down, no extra sheet of carbon. Use your NCR paper for free-hand receipts or printed copies; either way, you're sure to get clear, legible reproductions of the original.

You can buy your NCR paper from an office store, but you're likely to pay a considerable mark-up to cover the retailer's rent and distribution costs. On the other hand, you can buy directly online from a POS supplier who can afford to give you the best rate around. And if you package your NCR paper with other necessities such as register tape and pricing guns, you'll save even more. Not to mention you'll skip out on the long lines and traffic as well.

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