Price Stickers

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If you're serious about running an effective, successful business, you need to oversee every detail including the use of price stickers on your products. When a sale item is improperly marked, you run the risk of misleading your customers, thereby losing them to your competition. Why take that chance when, with a little effort, you can properly tag every item on your floor?

Price stickers may seem like a trivial part of retail, but there are underlying phenomena at work. When a buyer and seller enter into a contract to trade goods for money, there are certain expectations on each end. While the seller expects the buyer to furnish him or her with legal tender and to pay the price asked, the buyer expects the seller to offer his or her goods at a fair market price.

Price Stickers Confirm Those Expectations

With accurate price stickers on all your items, your customers know exactly what they're paying so there are no surprises at the register. What's more, stickers make it easy to instantly mark down certain items for clearance in the event of an impromptu sale. You can also advertise expiration dates on perishable products, as well as categories of food items such as poultry or dairy.

Since every business needs pricing labels, you should think of them as a "sunk" cost. By ordering your stickers online at the same time that you order the rest of your POS supplies, you're guaranteed to get the lowest price around. Whether you're shopping for a set of one thousand labels or a thousand boxes of labels, you'll save considerably when you buy all your office goods from one online supplier.

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