Receipt Paper Roll

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Your receipt paper roll is an oft-overlooked but important office supply. For years many mom-and-pop business owners were content to record their day's transactions is one ledger, but that era has long since passed. Your receipt paper roll is your company's day-to-day record, which you need in order to analyze your numbers and make projections for growth.

If you're going to run a business you need to have some kind of register, and that register requires rolls and rolls of paper. However, you don't just need cash register tape for your own records, but your clients' records too. Many of your best customers may be other retailers, businesses, or contractors, all of whom require careful documentation of their purchases for their tax records. Make sure you always have sufficient tape to keep your register going, even when you're out of certain goods.

Customize Your Receipt Paper Roll

No matter what size or shape your register may be, there are tape rolls that will fit perfectly. From two-and-a-quarter-inch to four-and-a-half-inch rolls, in one-ply or two-ply varieties, there are a dozen different types of cash register tape. If you want a receipt paper roll with your company's name printed on it, opt for a customized order that lets you print your logo each time you close a sale.

There are no two ways about it--every retailer needs register tape in one form or another. The only real question is, where do you find the best value? When determining this, take into account your total office needs, including other register supplies and Point of Sale merchandise. You'll want to find a one-stop outlet with great service and low prices so that you can keep your attention on the dozens of other tasks that business owners face.

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