Shoe Store Pos

Written by Rylee Newton
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As an owner of a chain of show stores, I cannot begin to tell you all the ways our shoe store POS has changed my business for the positive. Before this system was installed my husband and I took care of all of this on our own, but as sales began to increase we found ourselves overwhelmed. We knew we would have to find a way to get organized or close down some of our stores.

One of the best things about shoe store POS systems is the way they help you with pricing your products. You always want to remain competitive with other stores in your area without taking losses on your products. These programs help you set your prices based on a number of different pricing options. In fact, some programs show you the profit margin for a number of different pricing models, and allow you to determine a reasonable product price based on previous sales, the local market, and even seasonal sales records.

Managing Your Business with Shoe Store POS

Another great thing about shoe store POS program is the amazing inventory control feature. Before we installed this software, my husband and I performed quarterly inventory analysis. We spent days in the back rooms of our stores, counting out products and entering the information into a spreadsheet on our computer. The right POS solution can do all of this for you electronically. You can print all kinds of reports, and track sales, and product orders to get the most accurate and up to date inventory assessments.

When we opened our first store in Miami, my husband and I thought we had found a relaxing business opportunity that would take us into retirement. As our company grew and we opened three more stores, the business became overwhelming. With this software and the many useful point of sale peripherals, we have found time to relax once again.

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