Sticker Label Guns

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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There are many different brands of sticker label guns on the market. Some print bar-codes, others print numbers, and others are alpha-numeric, combining letters and numbers both. The type of gun that's right for your business depends on the kind of labeling you plan to do.

If you're not outfitting your store with UPC bar-code scanners, you may want to stick with a simple numerical gun. But if you'd like to incorporate text labels with your merchandise you can either opt for alpha-numeric tag guns or buy "category" stickers that read "sale" or "discount." No matter what you choose, there are sticker label guns available for heavily discounted prices. You simply have to know where to look.

Buy Your Sticker Label Guns Online

When you purchase from a reputable online seller you get several great advantages. For one thing, you save a bundle by cutting out distributors who take a cut of the profits. Buying via the Internet means that your hard-earned dollars aren't helping pay the lease on that mammoth office store at the mall.

When you buy from an online wholesaler you also save yourself the headache of running around town looking for a million different items. All your POS supplies are mere mouse-clicks away, and you can customize your order right there before you buy. Finally, your costs shrink even more when you consolidate your purchase by including the cash register paper, pricing labels, and printing ribbons you need to fulfill your orders.

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