Afx Slot Car Sets

Written by James Lyons
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AFX slot car sets have been around for some time. In fact, slot cars represent a significant portion of radio controlled hobbies, having been in existence since the mid 1950s. Slot car racing was so popular in the 1960s that exclusive racing events were televised live nationally on shows hosted by Mike Douglas, Steve Allen and Johnny Carson.

Even the sometimes closed-minded Ed Sullivan hosted a nationally televised high-stakes race with slot cars which included the top racing drivers of that time period-- Jackie Stewart, Graham Hill, Stirling Moss, and Dan Gurney. Slot car racing facilities continue to emerge today in strip malls and storefronts all over the United States. AFX slot cars sets continue to be among the more popular sets purchased by enthusiasts.

What Came Before AFX Slot Car Sets?

Who came up with the idea to put a slot in a piece of wood or plastic? This idea was conceived in England, and was later exported to the United States and other countries around the world. Following World War II, servicemen returning from the war brought with them the different hobbies they learned. In 1948, modeling became the perfect "at home" distraction and modelers wanted a system that would enable model cars to race around tracks similar to those made for model trains.

Geoffrey Denson, a writer for the magazine "Model Cars," is credited with beginning the slot car movement in Great Britain. His article was about a model car track system that utilized a raised railroad-like rail to control the vehicle. Today's AFX slot car sets evolved out of this idea. AFX slot car sets would not be around had Mr. Denson not had the imagination to come up with that idea.

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