G Scale Model Trains

Written by James Lyons
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G Scale model trains are the big models, sometimes called "large scale" model trains. Their sizes range from 1/22.5 to 1/25. The largest models tend to be electrically powered, but the starter sets usually set up in smaller areas. Some models can be handled outdoors, in garden layouts. The larger size of the G Scale model trains are typically more durable, designed for the careless handling of younger children.

Model trains have existed almost as long as the real railways. In fact, model cars have existed almost as long as the automobile. People have an inherent fascination with transportation and history. Model trains belong to that unique set of toys that truly combine history and entertainment, which is why so many parents encourage this hobby with their children. Kids often take the initiative in finding out more about their trains.

G Scale Model Trains Are Closer to the Real Thing

The bigger models are often more exciting for kids to play with because they are closer to actual size. The smaller models often aren't as durable and resilient as the larger models, leaving them susceptible to the tantrums of little kids. They also provide a bigger surface area for adults and kids to add their own details. A number of people purchase the G Scale model trains so they can more easily add the minute details to engines and freights.

G Scale model trains and the other scale models are an integral part of this country's culture. Model trains are as American as apple pie. These trains represent progress and commerce in this country. They represent good times as well as hard times. They represent labor and craftsmanship. They also represent decades and decades of fun and intrigue for kids of all ages, from five to 50.

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