Ho Model Trains

Written by James Lyons
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HO model trains have found their way into homes for decades. This is the most common and popular size of model train on the market. In fact, if you ever had a model train as a kid, it was probably a HO scale model train. HO model train clubs exist all over the country supporting thousands and thousands of members from New York to Colorado to California.

"HO" literally means "Half-O" because these models are half the size of O Scale model trains. HO continues to be the most common scale with the largest variety of sets and accessories, as it enables users to do a number of great things with their railroad sets in a much smaller area. Children may require adult supervision to assemble or take down HO model sets.

HO Model Trains Continue Their Popular Surge

The Z Scale, N Scale, and HO model trains give people flexibility. These are the smallest three models available on the market and work perfectly for those with space limitations. If you live in a small townhouse or apartment or rent a small corner of a larger house, you should consider sticking with the HO model trains or the other two smaller sizes.

Once you decide on the scale, you are free to assemble your set. You can mix and match different freights or you can dig up some old pictures and try to build a miniature replica. Let your imagination run free. Whatever you need, you can find on the Internet or in a specialty store. It's all available for your creativity to mold.

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