Model Rockets

Written by James Lyons
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Ever since man landed on the moon, model rockets have captured the imaginations of kids all over the world. When you ask little kids what they want to be when they grow up, many of them say, "I want to be an astronaut!" This dream lives through the generations. Most kids are unable to become real astronauts but they can experience their own version of flying to the moon.

There are so many different kinds of model rockets. There are high-powered rocket kits and simple beginner hobby rocket kits. The hobby rocket kits cater more towards kids, but many adults have found entertainment in assembling these simple model rockets. It's a quick and often inexpensive diversion and an opportunity to educate yourself and others in the physics of flying.

Model Rockets Are Great for Children

I distinctly recall getting a model rocket when I was a kid. It was a simple little set. The rocket was propelled by compressed air. I remember using all my strength to pump as much air into the launching chamber so my rocket could successfully reach the moon. Obviously, my rocket did not reach the moon but the effort expended was well worth it. My parents especially enjoyed watching me try to get my toy rocket into outer space.

Today, there are high powered rocket kits that can really send these things soaring into the sky. These model rockets might as well be designed by the people at NASA. I've personally watched people launch these remarkable rockets and I felt like I was standing by the launching pad in Florida. These private launchings always attract a crowd.

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