Model Sailboats

Written by James Lyons
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Model sailboats give their owners options--do I use the sail or do I use the motor? It's a great problem to have. These model sailboats are designed like the real thing. Many of them are simply miniature versions of the real thing, which makes it exciting for racing enthusiasts. The detail that goes into designing these sailboats is truly remarkable.

The new models are literally ready to sail, complete with proportional radios with sail winch controls. It literally is like sailing the real thing, only using a radio device to dictate the movement of the sails and rudder. It's a great way to learn how to do the real thing, although I wouldn't recommend that as a complete substitute. Nothing compares to the real thing.

Model Sailboats for the Less Privileged

Most of us don't have the capital to go out and buy a sailboat, especially in this stagnant economy. In addition to the sailboat, one has to factor in docking fees and storage fees. Sailing is definitely a hobby reserved for the upper class or those who don't mind living on a boat. For the rest of us, we have to find the next best thing. Luckily the next best thing is also a good bit of fun.

The designers of model sailboats are dedicated to detail. You could take some of these model boats and hold them next to the real thing and see very little difference in the design. It's as if they took the designs for the big boats and simply shrunk them. This is why the newer designs perform with such grace and speed. For those who like to race, you need to look at the newer models.

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