Model Trains

Written by James Lyons
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Model trains have fascinated people for decades. Ever since man created the train, there has been a fascination with this form of transportation. What is it about model trains that make them such an enduring hobby? Grandfathers and grandsons literally share the same passion for building an entire model set, complete to the very last detail. Model trains have been around almost as long as the train itself.

In the beginning, trains only carried freight. By 1825 the Stockton and Darlington Railway in the United Kingdom began operating recurring services for passengers. A man by the name of George Stephenson designed a steam locomotive literally called "Locomotion" to pull passenger cars. Not everyone could afford to take the train, so people began designing their own miniatures.

Model Trains Combine History and Imagination

Remarkable detail goes into the making of many of these model trains. Much time is spent on the history of these trains--how they were designed, what was on the sides of the cars, and so on. The designers have an incredible knack for detail and enthusiasts appreciate this attention to detail. These trains become objects of nostalgia for a number of people.

I owned a model train as a child and I still have it. It represents a time in my life when my imagination was at its peak. I actually did research to see if my train was a perfect replica of the original. A few things were off so I took the time to add the other little details. The focus I had at that age was enviable. This toy had captured my imagination. I wanted to smell the steam coming out of the engine and my imagination took me there.

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