Park Flyer Rc Airplanes

Written by James Lyons
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Park flyer RC airplanes continue to be one of the most popular types of radio controlled airplanes. Park flyer planes are designed for those afternoons when you want to get out of the house and relax at your local public or private park. These planes are usually pretty versatile, able to land in some pretty hairy areas without sustaining any damage.

GWS recently came out with the DHC-2 Beaver Park Flyer radio controlled airplane. I had the opportunity to fly this plane a couple of weeks back, and the experience was fantastic. I was able to get the plane in the air with only about 11 feet of takeoff space. Once airborne, the Beaver Park Flyer's high wing controls and simple rudder/elevator controls helped create a stable, easy flight performance.

The Experience of Flying Beaver Park Flyer RC Airplanes

This new park flyer radio controlled plane allowed me to fly lazy 10-foot circles at half throttle without a tinge of a tip stall. There was plenty of elevation power and horsepower for loops as well. Even the landing was graceful, and I typically don't describe my landings in that way. I usually use the word "disaster" when describing my landings.

The park flyer RC airplanes were designed for families and those who just can't stay indoors for too long. Park Flyer RC airplanes are fairly simple to operate and incredibly fun to watch. It's also the perfect type of plane for beginners. If you have a son or daughter interested in flying radio controlled planes, you might want to consider starting them on a park flyer.

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