Radio Controlled Airplanes

Written by James Lyons
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Radio controlled airplanes are an enormous segment of the radio controlled hobbies arena. Models like the Firebird Commander and the Big Tiger Moth have pervaded thousands of homes all over the world. Many of these newer models give their owners a range of up to 2,500 feet which is almost half a mile. This gives enthusiasts incredible flexibility when they fly their radio controlled airplanes.

Watching real life pilots perform incredible maneuvers like dives, pylon turns and wingovers is breathtaking. As bystanders we wonder how the men and women piloting these planes developed the skills and bravery to perform such risky moves with such an enormous machine. In fact, many men and women who currently pilot various aircraft developed their love of flying through flying their own radio controlled planes.

Radio Controlled Planes Develop Interest in the Real Thing

How do I know this? I have firsthand experience of this tendency. I personally have never piloted a real life airplane nor do I ever intend on flying a plane. However, I know of a couple of men who fell in love with flying through their radio controlled airplanes. They said, "If flying an RC plane is this exciting, imagine what the real thing would feel like."

They had a great point. Both of these men eventually joined the military; one joined the Air Force and the other joined the Navy. Today, both men fly commercial planes for two of the big airlines and both men love their jobs. Both will admit their affection for flying began when they started flying their radio controlled airplanes.

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