Radio Controlled Cars

Written by James Lyons
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Radio controlled cars are among the original set of radio controlled toys. Growing up, I had a slew of different radio controlled cars. It was the ultimate form of entertainment for a young man. My imagination raced as fast as my cars, exploring different ways to push the limits of my RC car. To this day, there are few things that have ever captured my attention and affection so completely.

Needless to say, my parents loved the fact that I had unveiled a hobby that was safe, challenging, and less destructive than other things I liked to do. Moreover, it was a hobby my father enjoyed doing with me. We were able to be kids together. Fathers and sons have shared the joy of playing with their radio controlled automobiles for decades, and the joy never dies.

Radio Controlled Cars Maintain Popularity

Most kids have owned a radio controlled car at some point in their lives. Many adults don't develop an affinity for these machines until later in life. Because radio controlled cars transcend age, race, and gender, those who build and sell these cars do very well. These companies should enjoy financial success because they are building a product that creates joy, enhances relationships, and pushes the imagination.

In addition, this is a hobby that gets kids and adults off their couches and into life. Television is fine, but I'd rather not live my life vicariously through some fictitious character. My radio controlled car gives me a reason to go outside and explore the limits of my imagination. I get to be a kid again and that's far more intelligent than burning brain cells watching "Must See TV."

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