Radio Controlled Helicopters

Written by James Lyons
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When the first radio controlled helicopters entered the United States market, I could not believe it. Real helicopters are objects of fascination for me. Imagine a toddler seeing Mickey Mouse for the first time. Honestly, that's what I look like when I see a real life helicopter. Man has accomplished some incredible things.

Now kids have the ability to fly helicopters from the ground. Granted these are small radio controlled helicopters, but it still blows my mind. Watching a pre-teen fly a radio controlled helicopter is like watching a senior citizen run a marathon. You can't believe what you are witnessing. Furthermore, you can't believe how ridiculous you look jumping up and down yelling, "Look! Look! Look!"

Radio Controlled Helicopters Fuel the Imagination

How do they do that? That thought enters my mind every time I see people flying their radio controlled helicopters. I have no background in physics, but I still feel the need to develop my own scientific explanations. I have invented my own version of science that's based on magic and imagination. These helicopters are clearly the work of some of the world's greatest magicians.

Our engineers and scientists and inventors and entrepreneurs have truly come up with some magical ideas. To them, anything is possible. Go to a local public park and watch the people flying their radio controlled planes and helicopters and tell me there isn't magic in the minds of these creators. Watch the people having fun, mesmerized, captivated and excited about what they are seeing.

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