Radio Controlled Hobbies

Written by James Lyons
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The conception of radio controlled toys quickly blossomed into a whole new set of hobbies--radio controlled hobbies. Soon there were radio controlled trucks, radio controlled cars, radio controlled airplanes, radio controlled helicopters, and radio controlled boats. This new line of hobbies spread like a California wildfire and the flame burns hotter today than it ever has. Quite simply, radio controlled hobbies are a ton of fun.

As a kid, radio controlled toys represented the pinnacle of all gifts. BB guns, dirt bikes, and G.I. Joe action figures were equally as desirable, but the radio controlled toys typically held our interest for a much longer period of time. These RC toys gave us so much flexibility. If Mom approved, we could play with the radio controlled cars inside when the weather was bad or out in the street if an adult was around. Santa Claus graced me with my first RC toy and he has remained the coolest man alive ever since.

Santa Claus Encourages Radio Controlled Hobbies

That's right! Santa Claus colluded with radio controlled toy manufacturers. He invested in their stocks and created an enormous conflict of interest. This is the perfect toy; it appeals to men and women of all ages. Obviously, I am joking, but Santa did seem to deliver an awful lot of RC cars, sailboats, and planes to all the good boys and girls every year. Consequently, radio controlled hobbies spread like the Chicken Pox, but in a good way.

Radio controlled hobbies truly attract people of all ages. I've seen elderly men and five-year-old boys get excited about a radio controlled plane doing wingovers. How many toys or gadgets or gifts are universally enthralling? Radio controlled toys are the closest thing to it. Fathers and sons have the opportunity to genuinely share a hobby, which is powerful considering how hard it can be for fathers and sons to communicate. Radio controlled hobbies have literally held relationships together.

I remember my father and me setting up an obstacle course in our old driveway. It was my 11th birthday and my father had given me a radio controlled truck. For an entire day we were both pre-teens. We were friends on a mission, a mission to build the most challenging obstacle coarse for the most incredible toy.

Radio Controlled Hobbies Gain Momentum

There are so many radio controlled gadgets these days. Most young boys lose interest in their action figures once they enter their teens. Some actually collect these toys, but few really play with them, unless they have no connection to the outside world. Radio controlled hobbies, on the other hand, last a lifetime. These toys are not only collectible, they're fun to play with no matter how old you are. My grandfather and I actually fought over one of my radio controlled trucks on day.

This unique set of hobbies is gaining momentum, forcing manufacturers and engineers to dream up new and different things to build. Originally, we had cars and trucks and trains, but this has blossomed into helicopters, planes, sailboats, rockets, and a thousand other variations. Consistent demand over the decades has kept engineers busy. It's one of the few hobbies that has considerable appeal in multiple demographics.

Who knows what the future will bring? I personally don't have too many hobbies because I find most hobbies boring. Some I find to be a waste of money. Having a radio controlled car that can go in excess of 30 miles per hour has far more potential for fun than collecting baseball cards or stamps. Radio controlled hobbies encourage men and women of all ages to use that youthful imagination that often gets suppressed in our everyday jobs.

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