Radio Controlled Model Sailboats

Written by James Lyons
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Radio controlled model sailboats are great for those looking for a little bigger challenge within their radio controlled hobbies. Like radio controlled planes, radio controlled model sailboats depend heavily on wind current. The performance of these model boats also depends on water current and the skill of the operator.

To maximize the performance of your radio controlled sailboat, you need to know how a sailboat works--otherwise your boat will drift into the doldrums. You need to know the different parts of the sailboat and the specific function of those parts. You should know what "drag" means, what the "hull" is, what the "keel" is, and what the "mast" is. You should know the difference between starboard and port.

Radio Controlled Model Sailboats Encourage Education

Ask kids who own radio controlled model sailboats the difference between stern, hull, and bow and they can probably tell you. That's how I received my education in sailing. I've only had the chance to sail in a real sailboat once, but I've had my hand on a few RC model sailboats. The person coaching me was yelling out these strange terms like port and starboard. I just knew right and left.

If you have a young son or daughter who's interested in sailing you might want to consider getting him or her a radio controlled model sailboat. It's a harmless way to learn the nautical terminology. They can learn how complicated and exciting sailing can be before they step on an actual boat. It's a great learning process for them and a lot of fun for the parents.

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