Radio Controlled Toys

Written by James Lyons
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Radio controlled toys are the new pellet gun, the new bicycle, the new G.I. Joe, the new "Big Wheel." These used to be the most sought after toys for boys and some girls. I don't want to diminish the value of these items. Most kids still get very excited when they get a new bike, but something really lights up in them when they get a radio controlled toy.

In addition, radio controlled toys hold a child's interest for a much longer time than pellet guns and action figures. From the time they see Mom or Dad drive the family car, kids are fascinated with driving. They can't wait until they can drive. The idea of it makes them feel mature and powerful. Radio controlled cars and trucks give kids a chance to operate a vehicle and fuel that innate interest they have for driving.

Radio Controlled Toys Hold the Interest of Adults

You know who you are. Many of us never let go of our interest for radio controlled toys. For a while I wanted to be a race car driver, but I frankly did not have the guts to put my life on the line. RC cars and trucks, however, gave me a chance to race and do things with miniature automobiles that I could not do in full scale automobiles. The experience is still very exciting and I don't have to worry about breaking my neck.

Radio controlled hobbies have such an enormous contingency because the age range of people involved is so vast. I never lost interest and neither have a number of my friends. Kids get to be kids and adults get to be kids.

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