Rc Cars

Written by James Lyons
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RC cars can be classified in two ways, electric-powered and gas-powered. Electric-powered cars use small but potent electric motors and rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries. The nickel-cadmium battery is a prevalent type of rechargeable battery for transportable electronics and toys. Sometimes they are used as a replacement for so-called primary batteries.

Gas-powered RC cars use small internal combustion engines powered by a special oil fuel mix, not gasoline. An internal combustion engine is any engine that operates by burning its fuel inside the engine. This can be contrasted with external combustion engines such as steam engines, which burn their fuel outside the engine. The early trains used external combustion engines.

New RC Cars

Recent years have seen the introduction of exceptionally large RC Cars that are propelled by small gasoline engines. Electric cars are easier for the novice to work while the gas cars are a bit more difficult. Unless you are a seasoned radio controlled car veteran, you should probably stay away from the gas-powered models. These take time and patience to master.

In both of these categories, gas-powered and electric-powered, the radio controlled hobbyist can choose between either on-road or off-road vehicles. Off-road models with their fully functional suspensions can be used on various types of terrain, while on-road cars with their limited suspensions are strictly confined to smooth, paved surfaces. Before you purchase a new radio controlled car or radio controlled truck, take a close look at your budget and see what you can spend, remembering your experience level and your other preferences.

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Most electric cars still use less net egreny than a conventional auto. Many electric cars have mile-per-gallon equivalent ratings to enable comparisons between egreny use. The Nissan Leaf has a 99 mpg equivalent. The lower-speed Zap Xebra has a 150 mpg equivalent rating. So the electrics use quite a bit less net egreny than gasoline cars.Electric cars also have the advantage of great renewable egreny potential. If you were to have a solar or wind electric charging station for your electric car, you would be using nearly free and limitless egreny and producing effectively no emissions.