S Scale Model Trains

Written by James Lyons
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The S Scale model trains are a little larger than the HO model trains. This model, like the other models, has a rich history that began thousands of miles away from where I currently live, southern California. The S Scale model trains have been enjoyed for over 100 years in households all over the world, from London to Los Angeles. This hobby continues to build steam (no pun intended) every year.

Many Americans believe the business and hobby of model trains began in the United States. To be accurate, the hobby of model railways precipitated in the United Kingdom during the Edwardian period. At that time, there were practicing amateur model train engineers who were building live steam model locomotives, but had a stronger interest in working on the real railways. One of the initial suppliers to this group of engineers was a man by the name of W. J. Bassett-Lowke.

S Scale Model Trains and Model Train History

W. J. Bassett-Lowke foresaw the possibilities of using the German toy trains, particularly the track and mechanisms. He believed, however, that these trains should be built with the intent of creating a miniature prototype and should be marketed to adults rather than children. He believed adults would find this hobby more interesting and more sustainable.

Bassett-Lowke solicited the services of another man, Henry Greenly, a designer of model trains. Henry Greenly eventually established a system of scales (HO, G, N, S Scale model trains) using Marklin gauges. He also started the first periodical dedicated to model railways. From the beginning, the hobby of model trains was in part a venture into toys and in part the effort of model makers to create an outlet for adults.

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