Saito Rc Engines

Written by James Lyons
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Saito RC engines are distinctly different from other RC engines on the market. These differences are what make a Saito engine a Saito engine. The Saito difference begins with the head and the cylinder. Most manufacturers attach the cylinder head to the head with long bolts because it's easier for them to do it that way. Saito, on the other hand, does it a different way.

In Saito RC engines, the cylinder and the head are one conjoined piece, rather than two manually connected pieces. Unlike the two piece system, a one piece system alleviates distortion and warping that often occurs in the alternate system. In addition, one-piece designs transfer heat more effectively and more evenly; Saito engines run an average of 200 degrees cooler than other engines. This adds to the engine's longevity.

Saito RC Engines Provide Additional Distinctions

Some of this may not make sense to you, especially if you are just beginning to develop an interest in radio controlled hobbies. The following information essentially means Saito engines offer great quality and durability. A number of manufacturers claim to bring those things to the table but fail to explain what makes their products more durable. There are scientific reasons why Saito RC engines last longer than other brands

Saito engines have a true chrome ABC/AAC cylinder lining, while other manufacturers typically use less costly nickel plating. This type of lining is far more durable than the latter example, which is a big reason why Saito engines usually last much longer than competitive designs.

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