Traxxas Bodies

Written by James Lyons
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Traxxas bodies have far more personality than conventional radio controlled car, truck, and boat bodies. Like many radio controlled hobbyists, I like the body of my radio controlled vehicle to be an expression of my personality. I have very little interest in designing the body myself, so I prefer the manufacturer to do that for me. The company I go with has to be creative.

Traxxas is the perfect combination of art and science. The heart of Traxxas is really their Research and Development department. This department is comprised of highly-trained, highly educated, and highly-experienced engineers who use sophisticated solid modeling software and computer-aided machining to turn concepts into potent radio controlled machines. Their product development teams work with internal engineers to produce unforgettable Traxxas bodies.

Traxxas Bodies Start with the Traxxas People

Traxxas employs literally hundreds of people in the actual manufacturing and assembling of their radio controlled models. Traxxas has crews of people who make the tires, other crews that mold the bodies, and other crews that assemble the ready-to-race radio controlled vehicles. They employ machinists, top-engineers and scientists. This company is dedicated to quality and technology.

The people who mold the Traxxas parts are radio controlled enthusiasts themselves. It's nice knowing that the men and women making my truck bodies have a genuine love for radio controlled hobbies. It's more personal to them. That's why Traxxas bodies are so attractive and so sought-after. The people who work there take pride in what they do and create something they would want to buy themselves.

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