Traxxas Parts

Written by James Lyons
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Traxxas parts are synonomous with quality. The success of this company is largely attributed to the people they have running and leading the company. The people who work at Traxxas genuinely love working there and have a real passion for radio controlled hobbies. Imagine a company where people actually enjoy working there, a company where the people actually believe in the products they are selling.

In case you are wondering, Traxxas is located in Plano, Texas, a town with a huge radio controlled hobbyist population. The employees at Traxxas design both engineer and manufacture hobby-class radio controlled cars, trucks, and boats in nitro and electric categories. What's unique about Traxxas is their dedication to having all aspects of the business done in-house, from the first pencil-sketches, to the completed radio controlled boat on the shelf.

Traxxas Parts and Traxxas Name Are Synonymous with Innovation

Traxxas began operations in 1987 with a new idea for hobby-class radio controlled cars. Traxxas cars would have all the same attributes of a typical hobby kit such as replaceable parts, hop-ups, and a first-rate component radio system. However the radio controlled car would be fully assembled with a multi-colored body and Traxxas parts, right out of the box. In fact, Traxxas created the term "Ready-to-Run" (RTR) to portray this new class of radio controlled automobile.

Since a fully assembled, ready-to-run car would naturally grab the interest of the entry-level beginner, a toll-free customer service line was established from day one to assist an entirely new segment of hobby customer. Initially, approval of the RTR concept was slow because traditional radio controlled kits had always been unassembled. However, once people realized that a Traxxas RTR had the same performance and value as the conventional RC kits, Traxxas parts and products took off.

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