Anti Counterfeit

Written by Samuel Wong
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These days, even our basic home office equipment has anti counterfeit labels on it. Manufacturers believe that by placing a label on a color scanner or copier telling people not to make copies of currency or legal documents that we as curious human beings will not attempt to do so. Many times, people are reminded about the machine's capabilities just by reading the warning sticker.

One of the ways we can protect our investments and businesses from people who put their copiers to use for illegal reasons is by implementing anti counterfeit systems at the workplace. There are quite a few ways to detect faux currency. Depending on your desire, you can invest anywhere from a few dollars to a small fortune to protect yourself from the work of counterfeiters.

Protect Yourself with Anti Counterfeit Items

As anti counterfeit features become more complicated, so do the counterfeiters. It is possible for counterfeiters to fool even the most trained observer when it comes to making money. Nowadays, technology is available to microscopically analyze the composition of inks on a counterfeit bill, as well as analyze the paper the fake bill may be printed upon.

The foundation of any good anti counterfeit system is based upon observation. Simply by looking at a dollar bill before placing it in the register, or spending a few seconds to look at the front and back of a check before depositing it, you can greatly reduce the risk of falling victim to a sneaky counterfeiter.

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