Coin Counters

Written by Samuel Wong
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Supermarket coin counters are making huge amounts of money from your money. If you've been to the supermarket recently and used one of those coin collecting machines, you are aware of how easy to use they are. However, you may not realize how much of your money they are keeping for themselves each time you dump your bucket of coins into the hopper.

A simple way to eliminate the costs of these service fees charged by these coin counters is to buy a coin counter for your home. They may not print out a cash voucher for you, but they will save you the hassle of having to count out and roll each individual batch of coins. Most often, that is the reason why people choose to use the supermarket coin counter. No one really has the time or the patience to sit down and count each individual penny, nickel, and dime.

Coin Counters Can Control Coinage

Using coin counters at home can keep you more organized. Many people empty their pockets wherever they happen to be standing at home. It is not uncommon to find piles of change scattered throughout the house and hidden between and underneath couch cushions. Sometimes, opening the clothes dryer is like winning a small jackpot at the casino when coins get spun out of pockets. By placing the coin counter somewhere near the front door, you and your family will be reminded to empty their pockets into the coin counter, eliminating those last minute between cushion treasure hunts for good.

For many years, the technology in electric coin counters was prohibitively priced, making it available only to banks, casinos, and large corporations. Finally, technology prices have decreased enough that everyone can afford to purchase their own coin counter. If you look in your couches and pockets today, you're probably already halfway there!

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