Counterfeit Currency

Written by Samuel Wong
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As you would guess, counterfeit currency is present almost everywhere you can imagine. Many of us would expect to see the presence of counterfeit bills in banks, restaurants and large institutions, however more and more small operations are supplying counterfeit currency in surprising places.

With the stability of the US dollar, our currency is as it has always been, high in demand abroad. Now more than ever, it is in demand in countries that purchase US goods, and with counterfeiters looking to make money by selling counterfeit currency to US residents, especially those traveling internationally. The most common and serious threat is the use of this counterfeit money is to fund illegal activities.

Counterfeit Currency in Unexpected Places

Possibly the most shocking and better-publicized counterfeit presence can be found in our schools and with America's youth. With amazing new computer and printer technology available to US consumers, it is more and more tempting for youth to challenge themselves to produce incredible counterfeits. Recent news stories have included the use of counterfeit currency in denominations as low a dollar bill being found in schools. Another place of tender for these convincing phonies is vending machines. Many vending machines are not equipped with the same counterfeit detection devices that are found in most bill counters, and are therefore prime target for clever kids!

There are many steps being taken to prevent the spread of counterfeit currency in our schools, and overseas. The contrast between the two is obviously much different down to their core, due to the potential harm of each. The US dollar has long been a sign of power, wealth and stability. Drawn to these qualities, the range of individuals and groups to attempting to exploit and duplicate the physical representation of these qualities remains high.

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