Counterfeit Money

Written by Samuel Wong
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Despite measures taken by the U.S. Mint, more and more counterfeit money is making its way into the hands of everyday people. The most shocking part of the whole thing is that this money is not being made in elaborate underground printing presses, but in homes across America. Many times, this money is being made by high school and college-aged young adults.

Today's counterfeit money looks exactly like the real thing, and people are being fooled by its authenticity in increasing numbers. The availability of high-resolution scanners and printers makes producing counterfeit money as easy as making a copy of a photograph. Last year alone, millions of dollars were lost by businesses due to people paying for goods with counterfeit money.

Protect Yourself from Counterfeit Money

Many of these losses due to counterfeit money could have been prevented. For every method of counterfeit production, there is a method of counterfeit detection. If people would spend a few dollars on a counterfeit detection pen, or a bill scanner, many of these bills would not have made it into the cash register, and these funny money producers would not have slipped out of the hands of law enforcement.

If you are thinking of starting a business where you sell goods to the public, it is a good idea to assess the risk posed by counterfeit money. After considering this risk, it is very necessary that you make a small investment in a counterfeit detection system to protect yourself from a clever person who happens to have a color copier or scanner back at home.

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