Currency Security

Written by Samuel Wong
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Every day, millions of dollars in counterfeit cash passes through people's hands and into millions of cash registers across the world. This dramatic increase in usage of "funny money" only drives home the necessity of currency security. There are several measures a person can take in order to protect himself or herself from becoming the victim of counterfeit cash.

An easy way to begin implementing a currency security system is simply by paying closer attention to the money you receive. By holding a bill up to the light, you are able to see features that only real currency possesses, such as watermarks and security threads. You can also look closely for microprinting and special inks that only real currency has.

Keep it Real with Currency Security

Another, and perhaps easier way to reinforce currency security is by purchasing a chemical detecting marker. These are the black markers we are beginning to see in increasing numbers at retail stores. These markers instantly let you know whether a bill is real or not.

For those of us who want the highest level of currency security, there are a variety of bill counters and scanners that utilize the latest in technology, including UV scanners and magnetic detection. These machines can detect and see what we would otherwise have missed. Having a well-planned currency security system in place at your business will help ensure that the only funny money in your hands is Monopoly money.

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