Infrared Detection

Written by Samuel Wong
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Infrared detection is not just for remote controls and those doors that open automatically at the supermarket. Infrared can be used to detect counterfeit checks and money. Many legal currency printers use invisible inks and features that cannot be seen by the naked eye. People who make color copies or scans of currency do not have the ability or resources available to recreate these invisible features.

The latest versions of American and Canadian currency have patterns and markings that can only be visible with infrared detection. It is virtually impossible to recreate these features, due to the top-secret nature of legal currency printing methods. Using the latest technology available for counterfeit detection is one way to stay one step ahead of the crooks.

See It All with Infrared Detection

Adding infrared detection to your cash operations at your business is a simple way to protect your assets and your merchandise. Simply seeing an infrared detector behind the counter is enough to make a counterfeiter think twice about paying for his items with money he or she made himself or herself. Most infrared detectors are inexpensive but worth every penny when you realize how much money you will be saving.

It used to be that only government mints and government agencies had access to the technology that used infrared detection to determine whether a bill was counterfeit. Now, this technology is available to everyone who wants to add another barrier of protection against the counterfeiter.

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