Magnetic Detection

Written by Samuel Wong
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An innovative way to find and protect yourself from counterfeit currency is by using magnetic detection. On the surface, conventional ink and ink used to print legal currency appears to be the same. However, legal money mints use magnetic inks in order to foil counterfeiters around the world.

Magnetic detection is a simple, fool-proof method of counterfeit detection. The technology is small enough that it will take up no more space than a conventional mechanical counterfeit detection machine. The benefits it will provide, however, will be bigger than you could have ever imagined.

Magnetic Detection Attracts Good Business

Magnetic ink is steadily becoming the standard in legal currency printing. The chemical formulation of the ink is top secret, and will likely never be available to the general public. The only way to determine if currency has not been printed with magnetic ink is by using products that utilize magnetic detection.

Another arena where magnetic inks are standard is the banking industry. Many checks print account information with magnetic ink, which can be read by special readers, verifying the authenticity of the check. Most businesses will not complete a check-based transaction without first running the check through the reader to compare the information against a nationwide database of bad checking accounts. Using products that can "see" magnetic ink is just one more way that business owners and corporations can prevent losses and reduced profits due to counterfeiters.

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