Money Counters

Written by Samuel Wong
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Money counters are steadily proving to be indispensable items as more and more people pay attention to their cash flow and the bottom line. In this day and age of home based business and self-made millionaires, people need products to accurately keep track and count the money. Sure, it would be nice to have a certified accountant on hand whenever we needed one, but many of us do not have that luxury. What we can do is have the next best thing, which is a machine to count the money.

Thousands of banking businesses across the world have made the switch from counting by people to automated teller machines and money counters simply because they are easy to use, and make fewer mistakes than a person would. Not to mention the fact they can work all hours of the day without having to take bathroom and lunch breaks!

Money Counters Save Time

How many hours do you spend each day counting money? Although it may not seem like much time, it can add up very quickly. Especially if you are frequently interrupted or distracted when you are trying to count out your register or figure out how many tips you received. It is nearly impossible to pick up where you left off if you are interrupted in the middle of counting

Using money counters to handle all of the counting will save you hours upon hours of time. Think of how much more you will accomplish when you're not bogged down counting bills and coins. You can have the money counter count the cash while you mop the floors or close down the store, allowing you and your employees to leave earlier. We all know that the kids like it when mom or dad gets home from work earlier than usual!

Money Counters Have Great Eyes

One thing that sets electronic money counters apart from us people is that they are trained and have the ability to detect fake bills. With the easy availability of high resolution scanners and printers, counterfeiters can easily reproduce realistic looking currency at breakneck speeds. We often do not have time to scrutinize every dollar that comes across the counter. Sometimes these bills pass through our hands undetected and are discovered at the bank, after we've made our deposit for the week, which can have a devastating effect on our bottom line.

Using money counters can protect us from becoming victimized by someone who saved his allowance for a fancy scanner and color printer. Certain counters have built-in detection features to make finding fake bills easier than anyone could have imagined. They have the ability to detect magnetic ink and find features that are invisible to the human eye, thereby eliminating time spent on inspecting bills and worrying whether that big screen TV you just sold was paid for with fake bills.

No Surprises with Money Counters

Investing a few dollars in a money counter will pay off in no time at all. Just imagine how many dollars might be missed when a tired employee is counting the registers after closing. Entrusting cash handling in someone with a limited amount of training, and a limited amount of supervision can lead to theft and unimaginable losses. Having a machine count the money will eliminate the possibility of theft and miscounting. You will get the same result each time you have an electronic counter count the money.

Money counters take the mundane task of counting money and turn it into something fun and entertaining. They take the guesswork and uncertainty completely out of the equation, leaving you with peace of mind and a feeling of security that every single dollar and penny was counted. After all, every single dollar and penny do count!

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