Money Matters

Written by Samuel Wong
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Many of us think we know it all when it comes to money matters. We can brag about our credit scores and show off our fancy material goods, but that really doesn't amount to much. At the very least, it shows that you are able to buy expensive things with your credit cards and that you pay your credit card bills on time.

Really knowing about money matters means that you stay informed about the ups and downs of the stock market and pay attention to goings on in the business world, to name a few. You know all about having a diverse investment portfolio and keeping a healthy retirement account.

Money Matters: The Earlier the Better

The sooner we learn about money matters, the sooner they can become good habits. It is very difficult to retrain yourself after you've become accustomed to living, spending, and saving one way. Once you've immersed yourself in a life of credit card use and abuse, it is very hard to live any other way. If we teach our children about the importance of smart money management, we can rest assured that the chances of having to bail them out of a financial bind will be diminished.

The simple act of giving a child a piggy bank can be the first step on the long path toward financial happiness and freedom. Most of us know that when a child has money, he or she wants to spend it right away. Children are bombarded with marketing from all sides, so they become accustomed to and expect instant gratification. Teaching children the benefits of patience and saving money will allow them to be more gratified than they could ever imagine in the future.

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