Portable Counters

Written by Samuel Wong
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If you were a small child growing up in China thousands of years ago, you probably would have had an abacus, portable counters used to perform simple calculations. The only time nowadays that you would even lay hand on one is if you were to find one at a garage sale and put it for sale online. Times have changed, and the portable counters of today make it easy to count your currency wherever and whenever you want!

Many portable counters are based on the same concept as all portable electronics we use every day. We take an AC powered product and design it to rely on battery power to increase their ability to be used anywhere. Most portable counters today use an internal battery, recharged with an AC adapter. The less expensive and least advanced portable counters continue to rely on batteries.

Portable Counters for the Modern Age

Portable counters have long been only an impractical dream for the many that deal with currency on a constant, moving basis. As the standing, conventional bill counters became less and less expensive, so did the technology used to make a product portable and battery powered. With many of the portable counters starting under $50, there is a counter to suit all needs and budgets.

Although the inexpensive versions of portable counters do not integrate the use of counterfeit detection technologies or other high-tech features, there are versions that do. You can expect to find battery powered versions of their high-tech relatives with features such as; counterfeit detection, coin sorting and bill wrapping. All of these additional features will cost you, however the price of these advanced portable counters rarely exceeds $250. With the increased use of portable counters and the decreasing costs of technology, expect to see more and more portable counters available with additional features not even seen on the US market today!

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