Portable Money Counters

Written by Samuel Wong
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Portable money counters fit the bill when you want the speed and convenience of a traditional counter without the bulk and weight. Soccer moms and PTA presidents love using portable money counters at their numerous bake sales and fund raisers. These counters give them more time to watch the unruly kids while the counter handles the money.
Many times, you find yourself collecting money at a garage sale or rummage sale, and with all that is going on around you, it is easy to lose track of how much money you've made

If you are in charge of the finances at multiple store locations, or you are a franchisee with multiple locations, a portable money counter is perfect for you. Its compact size allows you to take it with you wherever you go, so you can be efficient and accurate regardless of your location or situation.

Portable Money Counters: Compact Counting Powerhouses

Portable money counters give you the counting skills of an accountant without the hefty hourly bill. Despite their small size, these little counters have the same amount of accuracy as their larger, heavier counterparts. With a portable money counter, there's no reason to sacrifice your need for speed and accuracy because of a business trip or travel.

You never know just when you are going to need to count your money. It is not easy or practical to haul around a big money counter in your purse or briefcase. Regardless of where you may be, your time is still valuable. Portable money counters help you meet all of your needs without sacrificing any of the benefits.

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