Tension Set Ring

Written by Amy Hall
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A tension set ring seems to embrace a diamond or stone in mid air, floating in a lofty way that seems to defy gravity. These tension set rings are created to show off all of the many facets of your diamond, letting the light bounce off them and create an unbelievable sparkle. This type of setting is perfect for an engagement ring, as it focuses all the attention on the diamond itself.

It is possible to make a tension set ring out of gold, platinum or titanium. All of these metals offer a beautiful backdrop for a sparkling diamond or other precious stone. However, none are as durable and versatile as titanium. A titanium band will offer great durability, dent resistance, as well as afford the wearer great comfort as titanium is hypo-allergenic.

Diamonds and Titanium

Diamonds and titanium are a perfect pair. Both are strong materials, and both look exceptional alone. Combining the two can make a bold statement, as they each seem to complement the other.

A titanium tension set ring can be highly polished, making the surface very shiny, or it can be brushed and buffed, toning down the shine of the metal. Either way, the look is always clean and classic. You can not go wrong when you pair up a gorgeous diamond with the natural look of titanium.

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