Titanium Bands

Written by Amy Hall
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Titanium bands can be simple and classic, or more modern and edgy. If the idea of using titanium for a ring appeals to you, there are a whole host of design options open to you. Many newly engaged couples pick out matching titanium bands to complement the engagement ring, or simply to be worn alone.

Titanium offers customers the ability to custom design a beautiful piece of jewelry, without spending a fortune. Titanium bands are a purchase that last a lifetime, as they are one of the strongest metals available today. Over time, they may scratch, but they resist bending and denting better than gold or platinum, making them a smart setting choice for diamonds.

The Sky Is the Limit

When designing a titanium band or engagement ring, the sky really is the limit. Rings can be made with a platinum or gold prong set, and then welded together with titanium to create a solid bond. Titanium bands can be set with diamonds in many shapes and sizes, such as oval, marquise, or round. . .the choice is really all yours.

If you will be wearing your ring constantly, then titanium is an excellent metal choice for you. It is hypo-allergenic, lightweight, and very comfortable to wear. The inside of the band can be shaped and polished until it feels as smooth as silk, making it a great alternative to other metals.

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