Titanium Engagement Rings

Written by Amy Hall
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Titanium engagement rings are catching up in popularity to platinum engagement rings, and for good reason. Titanium rings are very similar in appearance to platinum rings, but at a fraction of the steep cost. This is great news if you love the look of platinum, but simply cannot afford it. Many couples even custom design their titanium wedding rings so that they are matching, and have sentimental messages engraved on the inside band.

If you have to compromise the quality of diamond you purchase in order to get a platinum setting, why not forgo the platinum altogether for titanium? If you can save money by using titanium, than you can probably purchase a better quality diamond, or maybe even a bigger diamond of higher quality. Titanium looks incredible when paired with a diamond, because its charcoal gray hue enhances the white sparkle of any diamond.

Smart Titanium Engagement Rings

Hey, if you can afford platinum, and you have your heart set on it, than go ahead. But you would certainly be all the wiser if you opted for titanium instead, because not only is it similar in appearance to platinum, but it costs less and is more durable. You would actually be making an intelligent decision if you focused your search on titanium engagement rings as opposed to platinum, because titanium is an exceptional metal.

Not only is titanium a cost-effective alternative to platinum, but it is also hypo-allergenic, which means it will never irritate your skin, even if you have very sensitive skin. Truthfully, you cannot go wrong when you purchase titanium wedding rings, because titanium is simply a superior metal. Ask your jeweler today about titanium engagement rings, or check out the Internet for some great sites on titanium rings.

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