Titanium Finishes

Written by Amy Hall
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What are titanium finishes? Well, essentially a finish is what gives titanium rings their shine or matteness. The five most common finishes for mens and womens titanium rings are: Matte, Polished, Sable, Satin, and Frost. Out of these five finished, frost is the most durable, which resists scratches better than any other finish.

The type of titanium finishes you choose will depend on the look you are going for in a ring. If you don't like a high-gloss shine, than you might opt for the matte finish, which is less reflective than all the others. However, if you want your ring to sparkle, than you would probably prefer a polished or frost finish, both of which have brilliant shine.

Titanium Finishes for Every Taste

Just as with gold or platinum, titanium finishes can drastically change the tone and style of your ring. You've probably seen rings in glossy yellow gold, as well as rings in a very matte gold, with little shine. Likewise, titanium rings can be altered to a finish that is most pleasing to you.

Perhaps you are going to purchase an engagement ring with a one-carat, round diamond, placed in a tension setting to show off the brilliance of the stone. In this case, you may opt for a polished finish, which has some shine, but is more toned down than the frost finish. The Titanium finish you choose should complement your personality and your style, so take a moment to review how each finish looks before making a final decision.

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