Titanium Frost Rings

Written by Amy Hall
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Titanium frost rings have a durable finish with a soft sheen that sparkles in the light. Most often, you will see frost titanium rings in combination with another type of finish, or colored bands that enhance the frost finish. If you place titanium frost rings in the bright sunlight, they will sparkle brightly, almost as if they contain diamonds.

Many people opt for titanium frost rings over other finishes because the frost finish is the most durable. If you are pretty active, either in your job or with recreational activities, a frost finish will hold up best out of all the available finishes on titanium rings. Titanium, in general, is a very sturdy metal, and it will not bend or scratch like gold or even platinum can.

Durable Titanium Frost Rings

Titanium rings are perhaps gaining in popularity because they most resemble platinum rings. Jewelry, like fashion, has trends that come and go. It used to be that gold was the favorite pick for rings, and then it became platinum and white gold. But platinum is extremely expensive, and not everyone can afford platinum rings.

Fortunately, titanium very closely resembles platinum, and its durability make it an excellent alternative to other metals. In addition, titanium will not cause any skin discolorations or irritations, which other metals can cause in individuals with sensitive skin allergies. Finally, titanium is beautiful to look at, and the multitude of design choices and finishes make it a very versatile metal to work with in the jewelry industry.

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