Titanium Gold Rings

Written by Amy Hall
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Titanium gold rings are nothing short of spectacular. If you love the look of gold, but want to spice it up a bit with some contrast, than titanium rings with gold inlays are the perfect solution. Expert jewelry craftsmen can fill grooves in a titanium band with brilliant 14k or 18k gold, that will sparkle in contrast to the charcoal gray tones of the titanium.

Gold is a rather soft metal in comparison to titanium, which is why gold rings often lose their shape and bend after years of wear and tear. Gold is also prone to scratches which have to be buffed out by a jeweler. If you don't want this hassle, and you love the look of platinum but cannot afford it, you will find your solution with titanium gold rings.

Brilliant Titanium Gold Rings

The richness and complexity of titanium gold rings combines durability with beauty, which make these rings a true work of art. Many couples opt for titanium wedding bands that have gold and/or platinum inlays, as opposed to plain gold or platinum bands. You can even add diamonds or other precious gems to titanium to truly capture the essence of this fabulous metal.

Perhaps titanium gold rings are becoming more popular because they not only look amazing but they feel amazing. Titanium rings are buffered on the inside so that the ring feels smooth against your finger, and does not cause any pinching or irritation. If you are after ring that looks incredible and feels incredible, than you simply cannot go wrong with titanium.

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Congratulations on all your great accomplishments!!! I can't bveleie it's been 17 years since we watched you and Steve canoe up to the camp dock to say I do. (with Lillian crawling right along making the moment, and your dock decorations, so perfect!)Yes, little did you know what that might include down the road but I love how you love each other through it all. Life is such a adventure and it made so much better with a good man/woman by your side. I am glad you have each other. I wish you the best. Happy Anniversary! All of them!