Titanium Jewelry

Written by Amy Hall
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Titanium jewelry offers great strength and durability at a lessor cost than gold or platinum. What's even more wonderful about titanium, is that it can be custom made, allowing the customer to basically design the piece of jewelry to his or her specifications. For instance, titanium engagement rings are fast becoming a hot ticket item, as they offer a unique alternative to traditional gold or platinum settings.

If you are interested in using a solitaire or a few diamonds, that is not a problem. The strength of titanium makes it an excellent choice for a tension set diamond ring. You can create a beautiful work of art, with the assurance that it will outlast other typical settings of gold, silver, or platinum.

From Watches to Rings. . .

Titanium jewelry consists of everything from sturdy watches to delicate earrings to diamond wedding rings. Many men prefer the bold look of a titanium watch, as it is symbolic of masculinity and strength. Many women love the look of titanium for earrings, as this metal is hypoallergenic, and causes no adverse reactions.

For those of you out there who love to accessorize, then titanium jewelry is a great option. It practically pays for itself, as you will probably never have to have it fixed or replaced. Titanium is aesthetically appealing, strong yet lightweight, and offers a unique alternative to gold, silver, and platinum.

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