Titanium Platinum Rings

Written by Amy Hall
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Titanium platinum rings are fast becoming the rage, as they are exceptionally refined and elegant, and they cost much less than pure platinum rings. In fact, titanium is a metal that most closely resembles platinum, so you may have seen such a ring on someone's hand and mistaken it for platinum. Titanium is super-strong, very lightweight, and it has a gorgeous smoky-gray hue to it.

Many people opt to have titanium rings made that incorporate other metals, such as platinum or gold, or both. It is not uncommon to see titanium wedding bands that are a beautiful mix of titanium, gold, and/or platinum. If you have your heart set on platinum, but find that it's a little out of your price range, than you might want to inquire about titanium platinum rings when you visit a jeweler.

Classy Titanium Platinum Rings

It is also very possible to see titanium platinum rings that have diamonds or other precious stones inlaid in the band. Or, you can also check out titanium diamond rings that are fast becoming a popular alternative to platinum engagement rings. The point is, titanium is an incredibly versatile metal which is hypo-allergenic, comfortable to wear, and less expensive than platinum or gold. However, it is just as elegant and refined as these other precious metals.

If you have a special occasion coming up, why not surprise your significant other with a beautiful titanium platinum ring? Or, you could always buy one for yourself, just because. The Worldwide Web is a great resource for checking out titanium jewelry and reading up on the differences between titanium, platinum, and gold.

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