Titanium Ring Faqs

Written by Amy Hall
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Are you interested in learning titanium ring FAQs? Well, if you are, you most certainly are not alone. The trend in the jewelry industry has been a big jump in platinum ring sales, with gold falling behind to second place. However, with the introduction of titanium rings, people are stopping to take notice.

Here are some titanium ring FAQs that you might find interesting. Did you know that titanium is stronger and more scratch resistant than gold and even platinum? Titanium is about 8 times stronger than platinum, if you can believe it. Titanium bands weigh on average 35% less than platinum bands of the same size. In addition, titanium is non allergenic, so it won't produce any adverse side effects in people with sensitive skin.

Learn Your Titanium Ring FAQs

Gee, what other titanium ring FAQs might you find important? Oh, did we mention that titanium costs a fraction of the price of platinum, even though it closely resembles platinum? Many people look at titanium and assume they are looking at platinum, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Platinum is, after all, a beautiful metal.

Here's another fact for you; titanium can be difficult, if not impossible to size down, so you better make sure you have your ring measurements correct before you place an order. Titanium can be enlarged, but usually only by a half size, sometimes a full size in certain cases. Titanium is beautiful, comfortable, and it will not send you to the poor house. Sounds like a great deal, doesn't it?

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