Titanium Ring Warranty Info

Written by Amy Hall
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Before you purchase any titanium rings for yourself or someone you love, make sure you are clear on the titanium ring warranty info. The company should outline their policy on returns and refunds, so that you are fully aware of it when making a purchase. If you are purchasing mens or womens titanium rings from a traditional jeweler, ask him or her what your options are if you need to return the ring.

Most companies will have some sort of written titanium ring warranty info on their websites, if you are ordering from the Internet. You can be pretty sure that you will not be able to return a ring for a full refund if you provided the wrong ring size. Titanium rings can be enlarged, but they cannot be made smaller, so it's best to get a couple of different measurements.

Understanding Titanium Ring Warranty Info

Some companies will charge a fee if you must return the ring to be resized larger. Or, you may get to choose the same ring in a different size, but you will have to pay a fee to do that as well. More than likely it will not be the entire amount of the ring, but rather a portion of it.

In order to avoid these potential problems, make sure you are clear on the titanium ring warranty info before you plunk down your money. If you make an error in sizing, you can be pretty sure that you won't get reimbursed for the entire cost of the ring. If you are not sure of the return policy, simply ask a customer service representative what your options are if you should need to return your ring.

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