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Written by Amy Hall
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Titanium, first known as "Menachite," is one of the most durable metals available today. It is so sturdy in fact, that it is used commercially in aircraft production. In recent years, titanium jewelry has become a hot trend, as titanium will never tarnish, it is compatible with the human body, it does not cause any allergic reactions or skin discolorations, and it is incredibly durable, making it ideal for wedding rings or other such jewelry.

There are many peaks and valleys in terms of trends or fads in wedding and engagement rings. Gold is out, platinum is in, silver is out, and now, titanium rings are a popular item in the jewelry arena.

Titanium is a "white" metal with a slight charcoal gray hue. Its natural color is darker and deeper than silver or white gold, and most comparable to platinum, in terms of color. It does, however, have a slightly smokey hue to it, and can be polished to shine brightly, or it can be brushed to tone down the shine.

Why People Are Choosing Titanium

More and more people are opting for jewelry creations made out of titanium for its versatility and strength. Wedding rings can be created to look just like white gold or platinum, at a fraction of the cost.

Titanium is a reactive metal, meaning it can be anodized in different colors, by thermal or electrolytic processes. This treatment is not permanent though, and regular wear and tear on the ring would cause the color treatment to fade and appear scratched. Anodizing a piece of jewelry using a recessed design minimizes the speed of discoloration greatly as the surfaces are not as vulnerable to scratching.

Different Grades Of Titanium

There is a wide variety of titanium grades and alloys available on the market today. The three most commonly used in jewelry making are Ti-6/4, which is aircraft grade titanium alloy, Ti-6/6/2, which is extra hard titanium, and finally CP 4, which is commercial pure titanium, grade 4. These three grades of titanium work well for jewelry, as they are very durable, lightweight, and cause no discoloration or allergic reaction to the human body.

Titanium rings info would also recommend using the Ti-6/6/2 grade of titanium for jewelry such as rings and watches. It is practically the strongest titanium alloy on the market, making it a great choice for tension set rings. This alloy offers the highest resistance to denting and scratching, which makes it ideal for jewelry that is constantly being brushed up against surfaces, like rings and watches.

Titanium jewelry has a contemporary flair, yet can be created to have a traditional look. If you have your mind set on an old-fashioned diamond engagement ring, but like the idea of using titanium, you are in luck, as you can custom design your ring and have it created to your specifications.

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