Construction Road Signs

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Where do construction road signs like the kind we see when normal road work is being done come from? They provide a public service, so they must be publicly produced and manufactured, right? The truth is, the manufacture and supply of construction road signs, traffic signs, and any other kind of warning device is a huge, privately controlled industry. There are many road sign suppliers, and they all provide a vital service to society with the products they sell.

Construction Road Signs: The Basic Ingredients

For construction road signs suppliers to be competitive there are some basic criteria that need to be followed. Durability is the main concern. The typical road sign must be sturdy and maintain its appearance for as long as possible. A sign that becomes faded or unreadable quickly is of no use to anyone.

Having a reflective surface is also important. This will not only make the sign more visible at night by reflecting headlights, but will make it more vivid and readable during the daytime as well. Most construction signs also use very bright, fluorescent colors to help them stand out even more.


The next most important concern is selection. There is a construction or traffic sign for nearly every occasion, and a sign supplier must be ready to meet that demand. Over the years, I've seen some pretty unusual road signs. In California, near the border to Mexico, it is not uncommon to see bright yellow road signs depicting a silhouetted image of a family running in order to warn motorists to watch out for illegal immigrants crossing the highway.

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